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Complete Sleeprrr Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow = $99.

This pillow is totally adjustable; you can change the height and angle for optimal comfort and support that suits your postural needs. It features two removable inserts.This clever design encourages side sleeping which may enhance breathing and minimise light snoring.

Fisiocrem 60gm = $16.95

Fisiocrem is a solution for the temporary relief of muscle and joint paint, this cream complements Dr. Harris' Chiropractic Treatment. Fisiocrem contains natural active ingredients to provide relief for common muscle, joint and back pains resulting from inflammation.

Neck/Shoulder or Back Wraps = $32.95 each

Therapeutic Wraps - Microwave for instant heat and soothing pain relief or Freeze for long lasting cold relief! Handmade in Australia. Not treated with chemicals and the fabric is 100% natural soft corduroy!


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